Handy Hints for Bushwalking

Nannup Shire librarian Lorraine Learmond shares her tips for walking in the West Australian bush.

“Through a personal journey with my family, I got very interested in health and fitness to keep us all nice and healthy and I decided that it was a good opportunity to bring the community along with me to join me in all the fun,” Lorraine says.

Lorraine talks about safety when walking in the bush.

“Make sure you always let someone know where you’re going - if you’ve got a mobile phone with you, it’s a good idea to check in with them. Have water with you, sunglasses, a hat, and make sure you have really good walking shoes because it can get quite rough out there.”

“Always walk to your level, don’t try and conquer that big steep hill if you’re not ready for it yet – take your time.”

Some handy hints for walking in the bush: try not to go too late in the morning, go nice and early, or go early evening when it’s cooled off a little bit. Always remember that there’s lots of wildlife out there.

“There’s emus, kangaroos, and yes, the occasional slithery snake is out there as well,” says Lorraine.  

In Nannup, you can find lots of information on the trails - either on boards up that the Nannup Shire has put up along the trails, or the Nannup Tourist Bureau in town which has information as well as maps of the trails that you can pick up to take with you.


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