Growth Creating Jobs in Port Hedland

Town of Port Hedland Mayor Camilo Blanco talks about promoting business growth and job opportunities and his role on Council.

I'm Camilo Blanco, Mayor of the Town of Port Hedland and I also run an automotive workshop called Hedland Automotive in Wedgefield.

I was first elected in October 2015 and went straight on as the Deputy Mayor of the Town of Port Hedland.  After about 12 months I was re-elected as the Mayor of the Town of Port Hedland.

One of the main things I'd like to achieve, you know, being on Council, is to ensure that our kids coming out of school, you know, have job opportunities to go to when they leave school.

Obviously that creates population growth and benefits small businesses across Port Hedland.

I believe it's very important that local business owners get involved in local Council because I believe they have the experience in finance and actually knowing what's going on, on the ground, in our town and creating benefits for the whole community moving forward.


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