Greater Geraldton’s Hidden Gems

City of Greater Geraldton CEO Ross McKim talks about the attractions of the area, the Abrolhos Islands and the Batavia wreck, and the Geraldton foreshore development.

Hello, my name’s Ross McKim, I’m the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Greater Geraldton.

Geraldton has got all the things you need for a comfortable lifestyle, without the traffic jams. One of the hidden gems of the Geraldton area is the Abrolhos Islands, with its history of the Batavia wreck, and it’s just such a beautiful place to be. It’s one of the southern-most coral reefs, and it’s untouched and fantastic.

The Abrolhos Islands and the Batavia wreck, it’s one of the great stories of Australian history. It’s where 400 people, roughly 400 people were wrecked on the Islands and there was mass murders, and there was a great nautical story of their escape to Indonesia. It’s something not to be missed. You can see more at the local museum.

You can’t come to Geraldton without visiting the HMAS Sydney II Memorial. It’s up on the hill, it provides a great outlook over Geraldton, and it’s one of the top TripAdvisor destinations in Western Australia.

One of the fantastic things about Geraldton is its foreshore. With 2kms of great, wide footpath, with playgrounds, swings and all sorts of things. It’s well worth the visit. Take a fresh look. Come back and have a look at Geraldton and see what we’ve got to offer.


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