Give Dirt Bike Riding a Go in Capel

Capel is the perfect place to give dirt bike riding a go with plenty of natural tracks and state forests for you to enjoy yourself in.

Cr Doug Kitchen from the Shire of Capel talks to us about dirt bike riding and why he became interested in the sport.

The Council's assisted motorbike riding throughout the Shire through the Community Grants Programme, and gave $5,000 to the Ironstone Dirt Bike Club for the annual Capel 200 event.

Doug’s top tips to get out there and enjoy bike riding is to find yourself a decent bike and proper safety gear, make sure you’ve got plenty of water and fuel, and check your bike and protective gear is all in good condition and ready to wear.

Doug also urges riders to, watch out for trees, always ride to your skill level and ride with a buddy or at least make sure someone knows where you are.To find out more about dirt bike riding in the Shire of Capel and the natural tracks and state forests on offer, visit the website.



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