Exploring the Coogee Maritime Trail

Experience WA's most accessible shipwrecks, the Coogee Maritime Trail. This diverse maritime experience can be enjoyed by a range of visitors.

Hi I'm Jennifer Harrison. I'm the sustainability officer at the City of Cockburn.

Today we're at the Coogee Maritime Trail - six minutes south of Fremantle in North Coogee. The Coogee Maritime Trail is WA's most diverse maritime experience. It features a shipwreck, an underwater art gallery and an artificial reef.

As a marine scientist, the Coogee Maritime Trail is dear to my heart. It features Western Australia's most accessible shipwreck. I love going down and seeing the diversity of marine life, including starfish, cuttlefish and even nudibranchs. The City of Cockburn has engaged a team of marine engineers to design the artificial reef, which supports a diverse range of marine life.

To experience the trail all you need to bring is your bathers, snorkel and some flippers. One of the most fantastic things about this trail is that it's accessible to people of all ages and all abilities. If you're a non- swimmer you can take a stroll along Omeo Park and explore the recovered anchors from the Omeo shipwreck and read about its wild adventures in the 1800s.

So next time you're in the City of Cockburn, bring along your sense of adventure and come on down to the fantastic Coogee Maritime Trail - experience it above and below.


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