Explore Charming Cue

Shire President Ross Pigdon shares what makes Cue special.

Start planning your next outback adventure in the Shire of Cue, nestled in the Murchison region of Western Australia.
Located approximately 650km north-east of Perth, Cue is a small but charming historic town just waiting to be explored.
Shire President Ross Pigdon is a long-time Cue local, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. “It's a quiet little town, everybody gets on with everybody else” he says.
The best time to visit Cue is between April and September, before the summer heat sets in. Explore the town and you’ll find heritage gold rush buildings, friendly locals and lots of country charm.
Venture further out of town and you’ll see the how the striking red landscape contrasts against interesting rock formations and bright white salt lakes.
“Next time you're in Cue, come and see our caravan park, we've got beautiful buildings, come and have a look around” says President Ross Pigdon.


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