Experience Variety in the Great Southern

The Shire of Cranbrook in the State’s Great Southern has plenty to offer locals, and visitors.

Chief Executive Officer for the Shire of Cranbrook, Peter Northover knows that there is a lot to enjoy when living in, or visiting the Great Southern region of WA.

“I think one of the reasons that Cranbrook is so special, is the people that live in this community. I also think the location is amazing, the climate has a lot to offer and the opportunities to explore the region are amazing.”

Accessed by Albany Highway or Great Southern Highway, the Shire of Cranbrook is approx. 90kms north of Albany, and has a diverse landscape. Part of the Stirling Range National Park sits within the Shire, but there is agricultural lands and vineyards to explore too.

“There's a range of other opportunities for people to do when they're in Cranbrook, but importantly, just take the time to explore the region, because it is an amazing part of the country, and the Stirling Range and the natural environment around Cranbrook is amazing, particularly the pink lakes”, says Peter.

His top tip to visitors for experiencing the area, is to stay a few nights in Cranbrook itself and explore from there. You can find out more about the Shire of Cranbrook here.


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