Enjoy Attractions, Activities and Food Experiences in Manjimup

Shire of Manjimup CEO Andrew Campbell talks about the range of attractions and activities across their Shire.

The Shire of Manjimup is 7028 square kilometers, comprising of an array of natural attractions, as well as high-quality agricultural land, retail and industry that support local communities and the visiting public
Manjimup is 307 km from Perth and Walpole, at the boundary of the Shire, is another 120km  from Manjimup.
Andrew says the way to get the most out of Manjimup is to plan ahead to ensure that you get the right mix of natural attractions; recreational activities and food experiences that are part of  all the Shire of Manjimup has to offer.

“Through our natural attractions we've got over 120 kilometres of coastline and interspersed throughout the region we've got a multitude of forests, from Karri, Marri and Jarrah forests” Andrew says.  “And they all have natural attractions within - there's lookouts right throughout the district and multiple trails and recreation opportunities across the district.”
“Whenever you're in the Shire of Manjimup, please come and see all of our attractions - whether it's wineries that you're interested in, or retail through town centres, or the natural attractions, we've got lots to offer.”


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