Enjoy a Weekend in Wandering

CEO encourages you to bring your caravan, or tent, to the Shire of Wandering.

The Shire of Wandering is the ideal location to enjoy a weekend escape from the city. Located 120km south east of Perth, the small Shire can be reached easily by Albany Highway.

“Wandering is a very special little place. It's a small community that is very caring but we have amazing access to lots and lots of services that are not very far away, including the city,” explains Shire CEO.

One way to enjoy the Shire is to spend a weekend camping. The Council maintains the well presented caravan park with cabins which is located in Wandering town itself, and there is also a low cost campsite by the Hotham River at Pumphreys Bridge.

We encourages you to visit the Shire - “To get the most out of the area here in Wandering you need to spend a little bit of time to have a look around. Come and stay, and enjoy the scenery.”

To find out more about the Shire of Wandering, and what it has to offer visitors, visit the Shire’s website


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