Enjoy a Unique Experience in Dundas

The best way to explore the unique area that encompasses the Shire of Dundas is to just go and explore – get off the beaten tracks. Here’s what you can see.

CEO of the Shire of Dundas Peter Fitchett talks about the unique experience Dundas has to offer visitors. Being 729km from Perth, Norseman is also 1000km from Eucla – a town on the WA / South Australian border. 

Dundas is home to the world's biggest woodlands area, there’s a large mining industry as well as 480km of beautiful coastline. “Dundas sort of lends itself to its own diversity, separate from the other areas” says Peter. “The best way to experience it is to come here, go to the Visitor Centre and just go off the tracks and experience the uniqueness of our area”.

The vast woodlands consists of a variety of eucalyptus trees, and showcases a unique array of granite outcrops - Mount Jimberlana.

To find out more about Dundas and the unique offerings in the area, visit the website.


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