East Pilbara Art with Martumili Artists

Shire of East Pilbara Manager Carly Day talks about the East Pilbara Art Centre Martumili Gallery and the Shire’s work with Aboriginal communities in area.

Hi my name is Carly Day. I'm the manager here at Martumili Artists in Newman with the Shire of East Pilbara.

So Martumili began in 2006 and we work with six different communities around the East Pilbara with the Martu people.

We work predominantly in painting also baskets and artefacts and we send work off all over Australia and around the world for exhibition.

It wasn't until we got this facility here with the East Pilbara Art Centre Martumili Gallery. We have a working studio that people in Newman can come and see more of the artwork. The artists can come every day here in Newman to paint as well.

Two of our well-known artists from Parnngurr Community, Nancy Karnu Taylor and Wokka Taylor, a husband-and-wife team, come to the centre to paint together.

They made a three-meter painting here, Jarntinti, that is the story of when they met out in the desert when they were still living out there in the Pujiman, in the bush days and they did this one together here at the centre and a gallery owner that we work with travelled all the way over here to see the space, to see the gallery, meet the artist and now this work will be going off to an exhibition in Brussels next year.

It's not everywhere you get to see artwork of this calibre and a building this beautiful. So please, as you pass through Newman's, stop in and yeah come see us.


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