E-bikes in Environmentally-Friendly Esperance

Shire of Esperance staff have embraced a sustainable way to travel around the town.

The Shire of Esperance has invested in a sustainable way for Council staff to get around town - electric bicycles.

Depot Administrator, Kellie McGrinder says that the bikes come with pretty much everything that a rider would need. “We also just attach saddle bags so we can carry objects easily,” she says.

Kellie explains that there is no special equipment needed to charge the bikes. “When you need to charge your electric bike, you plug the lead in on the bike frame and then plug it into the wall... If you need to check how the bike is getting charged, you just hit the button, and it will show you if it's fully charged.”

The use of the bicycles reduces the amount of vehicles on the Shire’s roads, and also means that council staff are more visible in the community.

You can find out more about the electric bikes that the Shire of Esperance use by contacting the Shire through its website.


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