Diversifying Industry in Cranbrook

Shire President Colin Egerton-Warburton talks about the changing face of Cranbrook.

Colin has lived in Cranbrook all his life and has seen the Shire change over time.
When I came home from school, most farmers just produced wool and a bit of meat,” he says.
“In recent times we've diversified to vineyards, blue gums, pork production, chicken production and olive farming.”  
Colin has been a Councillor for eight years and he was surprised by how smoothly everything ran once he joined.
“I expected a lot more conflict,” he said.  
Council provides the infrastructure and services to maintain the quality of life for the people who live in the district.  
“In my time on Council, some of the things we've achieved have been the development of the community hub, the development of the motocross course, also the aged care facilities and also coming to a resolution with the Blue Gum smoke taint problem that was affecting the vineyards.”
“So next time you pass through, call into the Shire of Cranbrook  then come and have a look at some of the things that we're doing down here.”


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