Discover Cue – Queen of the Murchison

Shire of Cue CEO Rob Madson tells us why Cue is a great place to start your outback adventure.

Within a day’s drive north of Perth, The Shire of Cue is the perfect spot to start your outback adventure.
Cue itself is a historic gold-rush town, dotted with 19th century buildings. On arrival in Cue, you can choose to stay in a heritage hotel, camp or book a cottage at the Cue Tourist Park.
Shire CEO Rob Madson says that what makes Cue special is the unique environment and the local community. “We have some of the most fantastic buildings that have been left over from historic times that are still existing, and still being used right now” he says.
Located in the Murchison region of WA, the region is known for its striking red dirt, bright white salt lakes and if you’re lucky enough to visit from July to October; vibrant wildflowers.
The area is also famous for its 10,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art. Venture out to Walga rock, a large granite monolith 48km west of Cue for your chance to view the ancient art. Take time to explore the cave within the rock, which contains paintings that are said to be of ships that visited the WA coast in the 17th century.
Rob suggests to also have a look at Lake Nallen and see where the old town site used to be. “Visit us here in the Queen of the Murchison” he says.


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