Discover a Close-Knit Community in Nannup.

Shire of Nannup President, Tony Dean explains that the Council is at the heart of the Nannup community.

The Shire of Nannup may be small, but it hosts a range of different events every year, and Shire President Tony Dean says that this is down to the close-knit community.

“We have a car rally, we have a music festival, we have a flower and garden festival, and numerous bike events - we have many events here which our people participate in as volunteers. It's a community of volunteers,and it certainly shows when these things happen.”

As the council is one of the biggest employers, it is very much community focused, and is also the focal point of the community. “We provide good stable local government,” says Cr Dean. 

To learn more about the many different events hosted in the Shire, or discover more about Nannup, visit the Shire of Nannup website.


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