Cut Down on Waste with a Worm Farm

Learn how to set up a worm farm with City of Vincent's Anna Budde.

Waste and Recycling Projects Officer Anna says she first became interested in worm farms when one of her neighbours actually gave me one of her worm farms and she set it up.  

“Also working in the waste industry I'm really passionate about how to reduce waste that we sent to landfill,” Anna says.

What do you need to set up a worm farm? Well first of all you need a worm farm... and you need some worms.  You need some bedding material and also a blanket to cover the worms once they are in the worm farm.

“So first of all you add the bedding material to the first tray of your worm farm then you add your worms, and then you cover the worms with a worm blanket.” Anna says.   

“Then you leave the worms for up to two days and then you can start feeding them.”

To create the right environment for your worms and the microbes that will keep your composting system alive, put your worm farm in a shady area in your garden - under a tree is really good.  Also in summer, sure that they are kept moist and so add some water every now and then.

The City of Vincent have more information on their website including work farming workshops and troubleshooting info sheets

Also available for residents, Transition Town Vincent run a composting site at Britannia Reserve, where you can drop off your food scraps and pick up some compost once it's ready.


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