Contributing to the Community in Carnamah

Find out what the Shire of Carnamah Council contributes to the community.

President of the Shire of Carnamah, Merle Isbister has been a Councillor for over 15 years and in her spare time she is a volunteer ambulance officer and a first-aid trainer.

“I enjoy the role as it embraces and supports my community,” Cr Isbister says about being involved with the Council. “Council helps our community with ongoing continuous community engagement.”

Located 278 kilometres north of Perth and with a population of under 700, the rural Shire has a strong sense of community. This is thanks to a number of community groups and sporting clubs, as well as the facilities and infrastructure provided by the Council. 

“Just recently we've assisted the Carnamah Child Care by funding them to remain financially viable,” explains Cr Isbister.

For more information about the Shire of Carnamah, visit the Shire’s website.


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