Consider a Stop in the Shire of Harvey

Shire of Harvey President Tania Jackson talks about her role on Council and engaging with the local community.

Hello I'm Tania Jackson and I'm the Shire President of Harvey and my role there is to help Council through the governance process and engage with their community.

Since the Yarloop fires of 2016 I gave up my job in Community Services which I had been involved in for over a decade and I concentrate solely on Shire of Harvey business now. I ran for Council for the Shire of Harvey Australind Ward in 1997.

I wanted to see infrastructure and the needs of my young family met in that community which was a growing community.

The Shire of Harvey and Council worked really hard to engage with our community to find out the diversity that we have across multiple communities and what they would like to see locally.

We have the Forrest Highway and the Southwest Highway running through Shire of Harvey.

So if you're heading south or north, you're going to travel through the Shire of Harvey.
Please stop, enjoy some of the wonderful things we have to offer in our area.


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