Connect with the Culture of Christmas Island

Shire President Gordon Thomson describes the unique community that is Christmas Island.

Christmas Island is a close-knit community surrounded by the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, 1,550 kilometres from Exmouth, on the Western Australian coast.
At first glance the island could be mistaken for Hawaii, with its rugged coastline, turquoise blue waters and tropical palm trees fringing the shore.
Formed in the Indian Ocean from an extinct volcano, many visitors have come to regard the WA locality as an island paradise, rich in culture and wildlife and an increasingly talked about tourist destination.
The Island is administered by the Shire of Christmas Island Council, where the community is described, by its Shire President, as a very cohesive one emanating from a diverse cultural base.
This diverse culture and the many activities that take place throughout the year are an important focus and receive great support from the Council and are as much of an attraction the Island as the famous small red crabs and other wildlife.
President Thompson invites all visitors to “Come and Share Our Culture - Our Place”


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