Community-Spirited Cuballing

Shire President, Mark Conley explains the Council’s role in his local community.

Cr Mark Conley has been President of the Shire of Cuballing for six years and has been a Councillor for ten. “Initially I got on Council really as community service, it was a way of contributing to our community,” he explains.

The Shire of Cuballing is a small one, but Cr Conley knows that there is a “strong community spirit” despite its size. The decisions that the Council make often are made thanks to direct community feedback. 

There are some big projects on the Council’s radar for the year ahead, and some that are recently completed such as the equestrian centre which was several years in the making. Cr Conley encourages visitors to visit the centre when travelling to the Shire, as well as the Dryandra State Forest and the Barna Mia sanctuary.

To find out more about the Shire of Cuballing’s projects and community, click here.


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