Collie – A Beautiful Town in a Beautiful Region

Shire President Sarah Stanley says visitors to Collie will be surprised by what they find.

Cr Stanley says Collie is a beautiful town in a beautiful region.  

Set in the picturesque Collie River Valley, Collie is located 60 kilometres from the regional port city of Bunbury and 200 kilometres from Perth in the South West of Western Australia.

“We're most well-known probably for coal mining, but that's just a really small part of our community,” she says.

“We have 80 percent bush, a really tight-knit, close community of people who are really passionate about their place, and it's just a beautiful place to live.”

Cr Stanley has been on Council for 5 ½ years, and President for about 1 ½ years of that.

“I really got involved because I feel that if you want to make a difference in your town, you've got to put your hand up, get into the room and get involved.”

“Local Government is the closest tier to the community. We are obviously well known for roads, rates and rubbish, but basically we provide most of the community amenities
that communities need to operate - so libraries and sporting grounds; and parks and gardens; and all sorts of programs and events that just wouldn't happen without having your Local Government on the ground.”

So next time you're looking for something to do on the weekend, put the kids in the car, pack a picnic -come to Collie and have a look around and you'll be really surprised at what
you find.
To learn more about the Shire of Collie, visit their website


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