City of Joondalup Activating Young Community

Representing Joondalup’s young and aspirational community is City of Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob’s passion.

Albert Jacob has been the Mayor at the City of Joondalup for the past 18 months, and was previously a Councillor at the City from 2006 to 2009, he also served the Joondalup community as a local state MP, for close to nine years.

Getting to represent his local community as a representative is Mayor Jacob’s primary passion, “I'm just so fortunate that that's what I get to do for a job, and that's why I dedicate myself to the role of Mayor full time” says Jacob.

“One of the reasons I enjoy representing this community so much is that it's a community that I've lived in for my whole life, and I've got to watch it grow and change over nearly 40 years now. Joondalup is still a very young community, but it's also a very aspirational community”.

The City of Joondalup helps the community in many ways - in areas that are direct responsibility, like parks, verges, footpaths and other community infrastructure. The City also provides libraries, oversees weekly rubbish collection and looks after most local roads.

“Beyond that, we try and help in lots of other areas as well by activating parts of the City of Joondalup, be it music in the park or our renowned Joondalup Festival which we hold annually in the CBD”.

“We also have an economic development focus to help drive business and local employment outcomes for residents to improve their quality of life” says Jacob.

“If you haven't visited the City of Joondalup for a while, please come up and check it out, I think you'll be surprised how much it's changed and where it's at now”.


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