Aboriginal Art in Halls Creek

Beautiful Aboriginal artwork by local artists are being installed on rubbish bins and bonnets and at local tourist attractions throughout the Shire of Halls Creek in the heart of the Kimberley.

G’day, my name’s Ribnga Green, I’m the gallery assistant at Yarliyil Art Centre in the heart of the Kimberley.
You’ll see through our artwork that there is quite a few different styles, so some of the artists they’ll sit down and paint here, normally with their family members and some will take their work home and then bring it in.
We’re currently doing a project with the Halls Creek Shire, it’s called the Halls Creek Outdoor Art Culture Project. What we are currently doing is putting bins and bonnets around. Chances are you would have seen them around at local tourist attractions.
So come down and see us, we are based on the Great Northern Highway in Halls Creek right in the middle of the Kimberley.


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