A Welcoming Community in the Shire of Collie

CEO David Blurton shares some of the Shire of Collie's attractions.

The Shire of Collie is within a day’s trip of Perth, just two and a half hours straight down Forrest Hwy and up Coalfields Hwy.

“We’re a welcoming community, with a strong and diverse culture in timber milling, rail heritage and of course, coal mining and power generation which is what we’re known for,” David said.

He mentions some key attractions to visit in the Shire: the Collie Motorplex, Collie River, Collie Art Gallery and the multitude of camping areas for those that enjoy outdoor activities.

“The Council have worked really hard in recent years to develop Collie as a more attractive place to visit and live, in particular the upgrades in our main street have been fantastic for this community and we're really proud of the outcome.”

“And while you're also here you can visit the Harris River Winery, the Coalfields Museum and grab yourself a cup of coffee from the wagon 537 in Forrest St.”

To learn more about the Shire of Collie, visit their website https://www.collie.wa.gov.au/


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