A Unique Place to Live

President Paul Omodei explains why there is nowhere quite like the Shire of Manjimup.

The Shire of Manjimup is located in the Southern Forest Region of WA, and boasts a landscape that can be found in few other places explains President, Cr Paul Omodei. 

“Our region in the Warren Blackwood, but in particular the Shire of Manjimup… is unique in that our geography, our climate - our micro-climate - is unique to anywhere, I think, in the world.”

This micro-climate means the Shire is the ideal place to farm a varied selection of produce, such as avocados, truffles and grapes. 

Made up of one major centre, Manjimup, and three smaller towns (Pemberton, Northcliffe and Walpole), the Shire of Manjimup covers a large area of Karri and Marri forest. Visitors can even climb some of the giant trees in the Shire – an experience you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

Cr Omodei is keen for people to experience where he lives and works, “There's an open invitation to anybody who wants to come into the Southern Forest Region, to enjoy all of the things that exist here, including all of the forests, rivers and streams.”

Visit the Shire of Manjimup website if you would like to find out more about this area of Western Australia.


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