A Shire Built on Mining

Shire President, Malcolm Cullen explains what it’s like being a Councillor in Coolgardie.

The Shire of Coolgardie was at the heart of the WA gold rush in the late 1800s. Today, mining (gold and nickel) is still the major industry in the Shire.

“I believe the Shire of Coolgardie is a very exciting region, as it was the scene of one of the greatest gold rushes of that era in 1892 and it set the scene for what we hope today, is a fairly vibrant mining community,” says Shire President, Cr Malcolm Cullen.

Cr Cullen has been on the Council for 11 years and has been President for 10 of those. There have been several projects completed whilst he’s been in Local Government.

“From the time I entered Council there was a lot of learning to do. There was the procedures and structures, and the Local Government Act. It took a couple of years to pick a lot of those procedures up and to get that experience,” he explains.

As well as the usual “three Rs” that keep Councils busy, other infrastructure projects happening in the Shire include the refurbishment of the swimming pool at Kambalda, and a large truck assembly area. “The Council these days is responsible for a lot of other services,” explains Cr Cullen.

Find out more about the Shire of Coolgardie by visiting the Council’s website.


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