A Rich History in Donnybrook-Balingup

Shire President Brian Piesse talks about the rich history that makes Donnybrook-Balingup an interesting place.

Cr Brian Piesse, President of the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup has been on Council for 18 months but was previously a Councillor at the Shire of Capel for four years.
Brian finds the Shire interesting due to its rich history with the horticultural industry and Granny Smith apples, as well as gold and timber induustries – not to mention the famous Donnybrook Stone which is in many buildings throughout the State and Australia.
“We call it ‘the Core of the South West’ - we’re a pretty proud Council” he says.
“Come to Donnybrook – don’t miss the opportunity to use what we have to offer.”
To learn more about the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup, visit their website http://www.donnybrook-balingup.wa.gov.au/ 


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