A Glimpse Inside the Hood-Penn Museum

The Westonia community may only be small, but there is a lot of history to discover.

The Hood-Penn Museum in Westonia, opened in 2010 after a large donation of historical items and it is a great place to visit when travelling along the Great Eastern Highway to/from Kalgoorlie.
Westonia local, Stacey Geier works for the Shire of Westonia but also is very interested in the local history.
“The Hood-Penn Museum is really important to the Shire, in terms of the history and keeping history alive in Westonia.”
The collection at the museum is large and Stacey urges visitors to take their time when visiting. “There's a lot of history and interactive scenes - it's not just your average museum and there's plenty to see and do,” she explains. This includes a gold mine tunnel simulation, complete with vibrations and sound effects.
The best way to find out more about Westonia’s Hood-Penn Museum is to visit the Shire’s website.


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