50 Harvests in Northampton Shire

Shire of Northampton President Craig Simkin talks about his role as a primary producer and his contribution to Council.

Hi my name's Craig Simkin and I'm the president of the Northampton Shire.

My vocation in life has been primary producer and I've been doing it for... this is my 50th harvest.

My time on Council will expire in 2021 and that'll be 10 years of service to the Council.

The reason I got on Council was that I was challenged by a couple of people and so an extraordinary election came forward and I put my name up and I was accepted.

Well I've always been a community-based person and through sporting clubs in our little Binnu region and I'm just paying back a little bit to community so that's why I've joined Council.

It is a good journey get involved and it is a little bit busy but it's worthwhile.


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